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November 15, Sermon, Matthew 25:14-30

Deacon Kim Allen preaches on the parable of the talents, and the importance of being good stewards of the gifts entrusted to us by God with the means available for the time to invest in the Kingdom of Heaven is limited.


November 8, Sermon, Matthew 25:1-13

Fr. Hunter Van Wagenen preaches on the importance of the parable of the 10 virgins to our present-day situation of awaiting Jesus' second coming. This parable is in the middle of a series of messages about how to be ready for the Lord's imminent return and gives both a promise and a warning.


November 1, Sermon, Matthew 5:1-12 (The Beatitudes)

Fr. Keith Allen teaches from the Beatitudes of Matthew chapter 5, encouraging Christians to recognize our spiritual poverty, pursue righteousness, and be ready to rejoice in persecution. The sermon begins at the 24:40 mark, as the video includes All Saints Day and baptism components.


October 25, Sermon, Matthew 22:34-46

Fr. Hunter Van Wagenen teaches from Matthew 22 about Jesus' answer to the critics who were hoping to ensnare him in a political trap: of the 613 very important laws of Judaism, which one is the most important? Jesus' answer reveals the heart of the Kingdom of Heaven is centered on love, grace and mercy, and a righteous way of life.


October 18, Sermon, Matthew 22:15-22

Fr. Keith Allen teaches from Matthew chapter 22 about the perspective of a biblical, Christian kingdom, conformed by the power of the Holy Spirit and sovereignty of God and not governed by a political system or civic party. We are called to give ourselves wholly to Jesus and be part of bringing the Kingdom of Heaven to earth and following a path of righteousness regardless of what political party is in power at any given time.


October 11, Sermon, Matthew 22

Fr. Keith Allen explains the Kingdom of Heaven is like throwing a wedding. In this story, we learn that God our King has invited anybody and everybody to the wedding of the Lamb - His son, Jesus. All who will come and be in relationship to the King are invited to the banquet. Some will refuse that invitation.


October 4, Sermon, Matthew 19

Fr. Keith Allen uses the occasion of the Feast of St. Francis to highlight the power of the Gospel of Jesus to radically transform believers to abandon the trappings of the world in order to know Jesus and make Him known. Jesus calls for us to give up everything this world offers us for the sake of expanding the Kingdom of Heaven and inheriting more there than this world could ever promise.


September 27, Sermon, Matthew 21

Fr. Keith Allen teaches from Matthew Chapter 21 on the passage commonly referred to as the Parable of the Two Sons. Jesus used this parable after His authority had been challenged by the Pharisees to illustrate that repentance from rebellion is the only path to righteousness with the Father.


September 20, Sermon, Matthew 20

Deacon Kim Allen preaches from Matthew chapter 20 about the principles of God's supernatural kingdom, marked by the great grace of a loving God. He initiates relationship and gives purpose to us based on His pleasure and generosity and not because we could ever do anything to earn it.


September 13, Sermon, Matthew 18 (part 2)

Fr. Keith Allen teaches part 2 of the lesson on forgiveness from Matthew 18. As often as we ask God for mercy and forgiveness, we must be willing to extend mercy and forgiveness to those who sin against us.


September 6, Sermon, Matthew 18 (part 1)

Fr. Keith Allen preaches from Matthew 18 about the importance of forgiveness and reconciliation and gives practical ways of accomplishing the freedom and unity of Spirit when we choose to walk in the love of Christ.


August 30, Sermon, Matthew 16 (part 2)

Fr. Keith Allen preaches from Matthew 16:21-28 about the significance of Jesus' disciples "dying and rising" just as He did, being willing to suffer and stand in the midst of this culture in order to live for Jesus Christ. As living sacrifices, His followers serve in the ways of Jesus which are contrary to the world's normal operation.

August 23, Sermon, Matthew 16

Fr. Keith Allen preaches from Matthew 16:13-20 about the most important question: who is Jesus Christ? The answer is a foundational truth of the church, and a call to those who believe it, follow Him, and share the news with others.








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