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April 4, Easter Sunday Sermon

Bishop Neil Lebhar visits CCVB and teaches how Jesus gives us hope, the promise of heaven, and life with Him. He became the sacrifice for the sin-stained world by crucifixion, and the resurrection provides proof of the Father's approval of that sacrifice.


March 21, The Centrality of the Cross and Our Allegiance to It

Fr. Hunter teaches from John 12:20-36 about God's purposes in the centrality of the cross to the gospel message, and the urgency of our allegiance to His kingdom. In the victory over the would-be king of this world, God calls us to live our lives in relationship with Himself that displays to all the hope we have in Jesus.


 March 14, Jesus is Sufficient For Every Need

Fr. Keith Allen teaches from John 6:1-15 about Jesus' role in leading us through the wilderness of life, assuring us of His sovereign presence and unlimited sufficiency to meet and fill every need.


March 7, Your Place in the Story of the Passover Feast

Fr. Keith Allen teaches from John 2:13-25 about our place in the story of Passover, the purging of the temple, and the price of holiness. Along the Lenten journey, we need the Paschal lamb to set us free from the power of sin and cleanse us from within, protecting and leading us in this life and to our heavenly home.


February 28, The Counter-Intuitive Course of Jesus

Keith Allen teaches from Mark 8:31-38 about how following Jesus is counter-intuitive to our earthly, human sense of logic. Jesus enters into our suffering as He suffered Himself, having endured the maximum sufferings to save us from them. In Jesus' way, dying and self-denial is the only path to obtain life, and giving opens the path to gain.


February 21, The Gift of Knowing Jesus

Fr. Keith Allen teaches from Mark 1 about the gift of knowing a Savior who walks with us in suffering, has victory over the enemy, and is sovereign over all things.


February 14, How the Transfiguration Prepares Us For Lent

Hunter Van Wagenen teaches from Mark 9 how the facts of the Transfiguration of Jesus shows us where the way of the cross leads to in the Lenten season. It shows the glory of the transfigured Jesus, the glory that awaits God's people, and the road we walk to experience the glory of God.


February 7, Are You Convinced of the Power of the Gospel?

Keith Allen teaches from Matthew chapter 28 about the importance of not only making disciples but being convinced of the power of the gospel to do so. This power will convict us of sin, convince us of grace, and lead to a commitment to growing in the faith and leading others to do the same. Who will accept this call?








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