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May 24, Sermon, John 17

Fr. Keith Allen teaches from John 17, the prayer of Jesus to his Father as the hour of death was nearing. In those final moments, knowing what was ahead, he prayed from the heart of a Savior for those disciples He loved and ones who would believe in him, all for the glory of God.




May 17, Sermon, John 15

Fr. Keith Allen teaches from John 15 that Jesus, the True Vine, is calling us to life in Himself. Only as we are remade and renewed in His life, are we able to produce abundant fruit that glorifies the Father and identifies us as children of God.


May 10 Sermon, John 14:1-7

Please note: this is an audio-only file.

From the text of John 14, Fr. Keith Allen teaches us that even when we are perplexed at what God is doing, as were the disciples in this story, Jesus is active and preparing a place for us - the Church - and is Himself the path to that place where we will be welcomed in and unto the Father.


May 3 Holy Eucharist and Sermon, Psalm 23

From the text of Psalm 23, Fr. Keith Allen teaches that Yahweh, our Lord, is a shepherd present with us and not looking upon us from afar. In His goodness to us, the sheep of His pasture, we receive full provision of all our physical and spiritual needs, protection from our enemies, and the provision of belonging to God's family.


April 26  Holy Eucharist and Sermon, Luke 24

In a teaching from Luke 24, Fr. Keith Allen reminds us that like the disciples in the story, we also may be so focused on our concerns and unmet expectations that we don't sense the presence of Jesus right beside us in the midst of our struggles. The resurrection of Jesus changes how we walk the road of our present sorrows as we open our hearts to the living Word of God, fellowship with other Christians, and pray earnestly for the Kingdom of God to be manifested in our daily lives.


April 19  Holy Eucharist and Sermon, John 20

Fr. Keith Allen challenges us to let the Resurrection truth make an impact on our lives each day.


April 12  Easter Sunday

Fr. Keith Allen invites you to travel into the Resurrection story and let it transform you and take root in your soul.

April 10 Good Friday 

To reveal the heart of the Savior, we examine His last words spoken from the cross. 


April 9 Maundy Thursday, John 13

Deacon Kim Allen teaches about Love that lasts, lowers, and lays down its life and that Jesus Himself is the very source of perfect love.


April 5 Palm Sunday, Matthew 27

Note: this is an audio-only recording of the Palm Sunday sermon. Sermon, by Fr. Keith Allen


March 29 Holy Eucharist and Sermon, John 11

Fr. Keith Allen teaches that our hope in Jesus is secure because He is greater than any trial we may face, and we are held in His love.


March 22 Morning Prayer and Sermon, John 9

Deacon Kim Allen teaches that Jesus sees you in your desperate moments.


March 15 Morning Prayer and Sermon, John 4

Fr. Keith Allen teaches that Jesus took upon Himself our great spiritual thirst as He hung on the cross, so that we could be filled with His eternal life.

March 8 Deacon Ordination and Institution of a New Rector

Bishop Neil Lebhar leads the service to Ordain a new Deacon and install a new Rector of Christ Church. His teaching, starting at 35:12, emphasizes the gracious and serving nature of our King, the importance of teaching, and our responsibility to listen faithfully to God's Word.

March 1 Sermon, Matthew 4

Fr. Keith Allen preaches on how to handle temptations using the Word of God.

February 23 Sermon, Matthew 17

Fr. Keith Allen teaches that a revelation of Jesus helps us hold fast to our faith in the trials of this life.


February 16 Sermon, Matthew 9

Fr. Keith Allen teaches how to live on mission, ready to share the gospel.


February 9 Sermon, Matthew 5

Fr. Keith Allen teaches the need to flavor our culture with the life of Christ.



February 2 Sermon, Luke 2

Fr. Keith Allen preaches on the Presentation of Jesus in the temple.

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