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Canoeing the Mountains

Imagine what it must have been like for explorers Lewis and Clark trekking the wilderness with canoes, expecting to  find a waterway linking the Missouri River to the Pacific Ocean, only to summit a hill and find instead a seemingly endless stretch of mountains ahead ofCanoeing the Mountains Book by Tod Bolsinger them! Equipped for water exploration and not mountain backpacking, they could have turned back. Instead, they “left behind their canoes and found new navigational tools,” forging ahead to complete one of the most amazing mapping adventures and voyages of discovery known to man.
     The search committee would like to share the wonderful book we’re reading as we begin the process of discovering the person God will call to be our next rector. In Canoeing the Mountains, author Tod Bolsinger offers insightful observations and tools for church leaders who wish to imagine new ways of leading their congregations into a rapidly changing world while holding firmly to the gospel message of Christ Jesus. We invite you to join us by getting and reading your own copy of the book and uniting with us in prayer for the discovery of who God will send as our next Rector.

Becky Locuson, Search Committee Member 

Please Pray Daily for Our Future Rector

Gracious Father, as Christ Church searches for its fourth Rector, we find peace and hope in knowing that You are now preparing a man after your own heart to serve as our future Priest laying hands over Communion wine and breadpastor. Grant wisdom and patience to the members of our Vestry and Search Committee, guiding them through the discernment process by your Holy Spirit. As they trust in your goodness and grace, assist them in discovering that faithful shepherd You have anointed to lead Christ Church into its next season of mission and ministry. This we ask for your glory, in the mighty name of our Lord and Savior Jesus.   Amen.



Search Committee Appointed

Thank you to those who responded to the call for Search Committee members. The Vestry has approved the following panel, which has begun the process of identifying and calling the 4th Rector of Christ Church Vero Beach: Mike Croteau, Eleanor Dixon (Chair), Barbara King, Carol Haight-Liebler, Becky Locuson, Fred Malik, George Watson. Please continue to pray daily for these individuals, that by God’s grace this committee may be empowered by the Holy Spirit for the task set before them.

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