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Part-Time TOTS Teacher (Paid)

Teaching Our Toddlers Spiritually (TOTS) is an early education ministry to Christ church Playgroundtoddlers Monday-Thursday mornings between Labor Day and Memorial Day each year. Teachers must have an ability to love and play with toddlers and preschoolers, and exhibit spiritual gifts in teaching, leading and working cooperatively with the TOTS Team. This paid position requires 12-15 hrs most weeks, and generally follows the public school district calendar for holidays.


Volunteer Positions

Volunteer Kids Chapel Teacher or Assistant – Sunday mornings at 9 and 11 am.

Volunteer Nursery Coordinator – A person is needed to organize the Kids at Playquarterly volunteer schedule, maintain cleaning and safety standards in our nursery and toddler rooms, and bring any concerns or needs to the attention of the Director of Children’s Ministry. This position requires 1-2 hours per week.

For information on volunteer positions, please contact Debra Gordon at


About Christ Church Children's and Family Ministries

Shaping the Hearts of Children to Love Jesus

At Christ Church Vero Beach, we strive to provide the best people for the care of our babies, toddlers, preschoolers and K through 5th grade kids. Our paid and volunteer staff are all background-checked and selected primarily on theirChrist church Playground love for Jesus and children so that our mission of shaping hearts to love Jesus is realized in genuine, organic and thoughtful experiences.

The Education Wing of the new Christ Church Vero Beach campus includes modern, fully equipped spaces for effective Christian education for children - newborn through 5th grade. Our ever-expanding outdoor play areas feature play equipment and cushioned surfaces designed to provide safe fun for kids of all ages.

  • Nursery - our infant nursery is equipped for babies and toddlers and includes a private, comfortable area for nursing mothers.
  • Sunday School - Children pre-K through 5th grade participate in planned activities and lessons beginning at 9 and 11 am each Sunday.
  • Our TOTS (Teaching Our Toddlers Spiritually) initiative is an early-education enrichment program for 2-to-4-year-olds that runs during the school year.

For additional information or to apply for any position, please contact Debra Gordon or James Regan at 772-562-8670.

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