The Anglicans for Life Chapter at Christ Church exists to

(1) provide ways for congregants to more fully understand

and share the "Sanctity of Life" message and

(2) to provide those with a crisis pregnancy,

or suffering from post-abortion syndrome

a place and people to turn to for urgent help.

Anglicans for Life

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35 Christ Church Parishioners Participated in

Stand for Life 2021 Sunday Jan. 17

Immediately following church services on Sunday Jan 17, 35 Christ Church

parishioners stood along 20th street beside our church to demonstrate their support for the sanctity of life messages.

To learn more about Stand for Life event future Anglicans for Life events, please contact Katherine Booth,

Co-Leader Anglicans for Life, by email, Cell 386.506.9477 or Mary Margaret Hatch by email


2021 Stand For Life


40 Days for Life Logo

The 40 Days for Life Fall 2020 campaign has concluded. 

Look here soon for information on the Fall 2021 campaign.

For more information on 40 Days for Life,

please contact: Katherine Booth, Co-Leader Anglicans for Life, by email, Cell 386.506.9477.

Learn More About 40 Days for Life


40 Days for Life service at Ft Pierce 

A special “40-Days for Life” kick-off service was held Tuesday, Sept. 29 at the Women's World Abortion Center in Ft. Pierce. Several Christ Church members and others representing churches in the Vero Beach Area attended and heard Pastor Charlie Jones of Church of God by Faith in Wabasso preach a message about hope through Jesus Christ and staying faithful to His will. Offering prayer was the Rev. Benny Rhyant of Mt. Sinai Baptist Church in Vero Beach and the group joined Margaret Jones in singing “Amazing Grace.”



Did you know that 1,000,000 children in America die each year?

The death of so many children affects us all and this tragedy can be stopped.

It is a priority of the Anglicans for Life, Christ Church Vero Beach Chapter,

to help save the lives of children here in the USA.

If that mission resonates with you, please join our chapter.

To learn more, please text or email Katherine Booth, 386.506.9477.

Anglicans for Life Girl








40 Days for Life prayer vigils in the spring and fall bring Christians of all denominations together to share the message of the inherent worth and dignity of unborn children made in the image of God, and to end abortion.

We are pleased to report that since March there has been drop of nearly 60% in the rate of abortions at the Ft. Pierce clinic. Your prayers and generosity are being rewarded as the data shows a promising trend.

Thanks to everyone at Christ Church Vero Beach who joined us in the prayer vigil, and for the funds provided to buy signs and literature for distribution on the sidewalk and to conduct our second annual training for volunteers. Please continue to pray for God's help in our cause to protect life. Read more here.


40 Days for Life Results


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Anglicans for Life at Christ Church wants you to know there is support available for you, or someone you know, who is pregnant and needs help. CareNet, a local pregnancy resource center, can be reached at 772.569.7939.

Also, help 24/7 is also available at, 800.712.4357 or by sending a text message to 313131.

Please email Katherine Booth for additional information. 







by The Rev. W. Ross Blackburn, Rector of Christ the King, an Anglican Fellowship in Boone, North Carolina.





Follow the Life of  Baby Chris. Anglicans for Life is following the unborn life of Baby Chris, conceived March 25th, to be born Christmas Day, showing fetal development of our youngest neighbor. At this link,  there are pastoral materials and prayers week by week, a See Baby google app to download for graphics, and messages for social media.

Sidewalk Advocacy. Each Monday, 11 am to 5 pm and Saturday, 5 am to 10 am you will find us conducting sidewalk advocacy with prayer at the abortion clinic in Ft. Pierce. We invite you to join us to participate in this important part of our ministry.


Education. Educating our congregation to bring awareness of the sanctity of life from conception to natural death, particularly for our youth.

Stand for Life, March for Life. Participation in Stand for Life and March for Life each January and 40 Days of Life Campaign each September.

Support of CareNet. Supporting CareNet by volunteering on site, encouraging monetary contributions and donating material resources.

Elderly and Special Needs Families. Developing a network of resources to support the elderly, those with special needs and families whose unborn child has a diagnosis of fetal abnormality.

Respect for Life Ministry. Networking with St. Helen’s Catholic Church Respect Life Ministry for pro-life events.


Baby Hand







If you or someone you know is experiencing an unexpected pregnancy and don’t know who to turn to we can help.

You are not alone. Just call, text or email Katherine Booth at 386-506-9477 or Carol Pearson at 772-532-0809 anytime for confidential help. Please note that we recommend that if you are in a life threatening situation, call 911 for a first responder.


Pregnant Women can Turn to CareNet for Help. Fifty-one percent of women agree that churches do not have a ministry prepared to discuss options during an unplanned pregnancy. With the help of CareNet Pregnancy Center, these women can receive services specific to their pregnancy related needs.

As a pregnancy resource center, they provide free, confidential, counseling to individuals and families about options, medical grade pregnancy tests and ultrasounds. CareNet is located at 1503 24th St. in Vero Beach. You can call 772-569-7939 for an appointment or more information. For urgent help, please use their 24-hour hotline, 877-908-2341.





Post-Abortion Help Also Offered Through CareNet. CareNet offers a compassion-driven program called Surrendering the Secret (STS). This program brings healing to those who have had an abortion.

"If you are a man or woman with abortion in your history, you may benefit from an abortion healing program.  Symptoms common to post abortion are:  Anger issues, addictions, anxiety and depression, discomfort around children or babies, suicidal thoughts and actions, sleep disturbance, sexual and relationship problems, difficulty making decisions."

Resources include: Rachel’s Vineyard Ministries and Surrendering the Secret at CareNet.

Stand Up Girl. Another resource can be found at this website called Stand Up Girl. There you can find true stories about people (men and women) experiencing an unexpected pregnancy. A 24 hour "Live Chat" is also available through the website.






Preborn Babies Deserve Legal Personhood

Personhood Video Part 1

Personhood Video Part 2

Personhood Video Part 3

Personhood Video Part 4


Movie Trailer: What She Saw Changed Everything


How to Talk About Abortion


Teen Mom Chooses Life for Her Baby


"A Baby's Prayer" by Kathy Troccoli


The Film: "I Lived on Parker Avenue"







For more information or to join Anglicans for Life,

please contact Katherine Booth, Chapter Organizer,

by phone or text at 386-506-9477

or by sending her an email.

Connect here to the Anglicans for Life Website.





Anglicans for Life mission is to encourage, equip and empower Christ Church Vero Beach to

fulfill Scripture’s mandate to protect the vulnerable, defend the fatherless and plead for the

widow. The purpose of our Chapter is to bring the Anglican Communion and the wider body

of Christ, who value the authority of Scripture and the sanctity of life, into an organized f

fellowship that will advocate for life within the local church body and provide a much needed

life-affirming ministry in the local community. This is expressed by members of AFL who

will, in a setting where life affirming ministry is often misunderstood and considered

optional in the Church, make it plain that life issues are Gospel issues, and that, in Jesus

Christ, God’s promises of forgiveness, hope, provision and healing are available for all.




Alison's Choice: A Film About Life  


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